Frequently Asked Photo Booth Questions

How does it work?
Touch the screen. Pose for four pictures. In a moment your prints are delivered to you on the side of the photo booth.

Will I get copies of the photos?
You and your guests will both get copies. Your guests will immediately get a print out. You’ll get a digital set of all the pictures on a complimentary DVD. We’ll also put up a web gallery for everyone to enjoy.

How much space should I set aside for the photo booth?
Setting aside an area of six feet by six feet will allow your guests to comfortably use the photobooth.

Where should I put the photo booth at my event?
It's best to find a location that is close to the action and easy for your guests to see without interupting the natural flow of your venue.

I already have a wedding photographer. Why would I want a photo booth?
One, Oh Snap Photobooth provides your guests with an unbelievably fun experience that they will be talking about for months. Two, your guests will get a print of their experience; a great token to remember the event.

Is your booth a traditional photo booth?
Our booths are free-standing without a curtain or wood-panel back-drop. Our booths are enjoyed most when booth participants and onlookers enjoy the fun. We also boast that we can pack WAY more people into a photo than a traditional photo booth.

Do you require the prints to have your company name or logo on them?
No. We want the photo booth prints to focus on you, your event, and your guests.

Can you provide us with references?
Absolutely. Just send us an e-mail requesting references and we'll send you contact information right away. We also encourage you to Google our names and our company name. We guarantee you won't find a single dissatisfied customer!

Are there any special electrical requirements for your booth?
No. A standard electrical outlet is more than enough to power our booths.

I see that you have a custom message strip on some of your prints. Can I design this myself?
You bet. We want every detail to be just the way you want it. If you'd like to design the custom message strip yourself, please contact us for the specs.

My event is on the second floor and the building does not have an elevator, is that a problem?
No problem at all. Our booths are compact and lightweight. We can easily carry them up the stairs to your event space.

Our event is taking place outdoors, can your booth be set-up outside?
Yes. Our booth can be set-up anywhere there is an electrical outlet. The touch screen is viewable in direct sunlight.

What areas do you serve?
We rent photo booths throughout South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, and Tennessee.

Will you have an employee on site who can help with the guest book?
Yes. We have a photo booth attendant at every event. Your attendant will be more than happy to assist with the guest book creation.